This vision was seen around 7th January 2015.

 I saw an aerial view of the State of Arizona, U.S.A

The State of Arizona arose from the ground, divided and now looked like a giant three tiered tray.

Upon the top tier, stood the true prophets of Arizona.

The second tier was fully occupied by people fast asleep in their beds, irrespective of  the time of day or night, no matter how loud the sounds of disruption, the people in the second tier, would simply turn over and continue to slumber.

The third tier was filled with false prophets mouthing proud, arrogant and presumptuous words.

The main occupation of the false prophets who were more in number that the true ones on the top tier, was that whenever the true prophets prophesied, the false ones would imitate them, copy their words, mimic their prophetic acts  and by flattery and corruption, they would try to plant doubt and confusion among those who had been prophesied over. Stood on the top tier, the true prophets were reaching out from where they were positioned, to minister nation-wide, whilst the false prophets of Arizona standing on the third tier, were making profit from causing prophetic mayhem throughout the country.

I saw the true ones demonstrate to fellow nationals residing in different states, the difference between varied types of soils. They were reaching out to people in the farthest corners of the country. They had state-specific messages. Facing one direction, and looking towards some states, they enacted prophetic acts. Then facing another direction, they were encouraging people of certain other states to look beyond their borders.

No matter where the true prophets spoke a word, the false ones would approach the same listeners and region, and try to scramble the message they had heard. These mischief makers by their many words and interfering acts, sowed doubt, disorder, chaos, division, bewilderment, especially amongst those who were spiritually young and undiscerning.

These false ones had now climbed over to the second tier, where none opposed them as they were all sleeping.

From the edge of the second tier, the false prophets all gathered together on the one side, and  leaning  out precariously they aimed at the true ones, who stood above. They attempted to push and prod them with large sticks, intending to remove the true prophets from their place and take over the entire top tier. Unable to bear the interference any longer, the true ones paused, looked up, and then realizing that it was they themselves who had to take immediate action. Grabbing the sticks that the false prophets were using against them, they pushed the imitators so hard that they  plunged underground.

The true prophets knew that there was no time to waste, for this was but a momentary respite. The false ones would crawl back up, as they had many followers in the land. But whilst these crafty ones lay fallen in that underground place for however brief a period, the true prophets would speedily use that time to speak nation-wide of the tricks of these imitators and warn the people to discern and not get mesmerized by these tricksters.

I saw that the middle tier continued to slumber. Hanging from the headboard of their beds was a DO NOT DISTURB sign.

There were days of great showdowns ahead, between the true and the false. From the far-flung corners of the earth, intercessors, individually or in small groups were being divinely alerted to pray for the true prophets of Arizona.  By divine connections, the true would be enlarged. They would receive encouragement from the discerning ones  around the nation, exhorting them to press on, not give up, and to continue in the Lord’s work.

Isaiah 49



Swarna Jha



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