Vision: The Exercise Book


Vision: The Exercise Book

3rd February 2015

This vision was seen on the 27th of January 2015.

In a corner of a room, I saw what looked  like a few strands of hair coiled on the ground.

World over, individuals were standing at the corners of such rooms, puzzling over these strands of hair.

As these men and women bent down to examine what lay on the ground, suddenly, these ‘strands of  hair’ arose,  enlarged and formed  lines and the individuals who had been staring down, found to their amazement that they were standing on these lines inside a giant exercise book.

It looked like a children’s exercise book, though it was not the typically double lined type, but rather double spacing between the lines, which made it appear like a children’s exercise book. Every page shone brightly.

These men and women found themselves inside this giant exercise book, each holding a giant pen. They understood, that the only way out of this exercise book, was to write their way out of it. They knew that they could not go to the next thing they hoped to, unless they filled this exercise book.

None of these individuals were aware of the other writers inside this giant book. Each wrote, speedily and with confidence. None wrote anything nonsensical just so they could quickly fill pages, but I was given to understand that whatever each wrote was meaningful, and from their heart.

Ten pages later, they found themselves at the end of the exercise book. Stepping out of it, they entered a large field. All the people now stood staring at their new surroundings. The giant pen in their hand had turned into a farming instrument. For some, the pen converted into a single instrument, whilst there were others who found their pen had converted into many and varied farming instruments. They noticed that there were already a few farmers waiting there, but they had no instruments in their hands. The new entrants did not ask them how they had arrived in the field, but rather, those who had several instruments in their hands, immediately shared with those who had not. Now all had farming instruments and without much ado, they worked together in the field.

Some of the ‘book-people’ had more farming instruments in their hands than others, but I saw that the rest of them did not resent that. When the time came to use a particular type of instrument, those who had many, would hand over the appropriate implement to those that hadn’t any, and at the end of their work, the farmers would return the instruments to the book-people.

There was a unity, a love, efficiency, such as neither the farmers nor the book-people themselves had known before. They shared all they had and none lacked anything, neither the givers nor the receivers.

They shared work, know-how, instruments, concern…..they could only be described as a sharing, giving, generous, united people. A people who knew no lack.

The season for the work in hand now approached completion.

Suddenly, the book people saw a vast tract of uncultivated land become visible and finishing the work they had been doing, they prepared to move on. They said goodbye to the farmers who had been on the field before them and set out to work on the vast tract of uncultivated land.

It was a daunting task; the land was overgrown, wild and inaccessible. But the  book-people were determined and without hesitation pressed forward.

The farmers knew that they could not leave their own land unattended; nonetheless they wanted to extend the book-people whatever help they could.

Though the labourers were few on both sides, nonetheless, the farmers decided that without neglecting their own farms, they would spare time and people to carry food and refreshments to the book-people.

There was genuine love, care and concern between the groups. They shared generously with each other. Though the book-people would keep moving, as the land to be cleared was vast, the farmers would remain on their allotted farms, but whensoever help and assistance was needed the farmers would rush to the aid of the book-people, who also did likewise.

As the book-people cleared the land, I noticed a young man, working at the very edge of the side boundary of the property, when suddenly he was startled by a voice. He looked around but all he saw was a fog. The mist cleared momentarily and he caught a glimpse of the face.

The old man who had called out to him, stood by a wall peering intently at him.

Between the two lands was a wide and deep ditch. On both sides were boundary walls, over which the men could see each other’s face.

The gully was filled with a dark liquid. It looked inflammable.

Only the youth’s face was visible, to the old man behind the wall. He could not see the land nor the rest of the book people.

The city behind the wall was known as the land of the magicians. Though it seemed perpetually covered in thick fog, at this moment in time, it lifted enough so that the young man could get a glimpse of the bustling, glittering metropolis.

Behind where the old man stood, were large religious institutions with costly facades.

“So you’re back!” said the old resident, smirking, “and now you’re one of us, all over again! I knew you wouldn’t be able to walk away from all this,” said the old magician, waving and pointing to the sparkling edifices behind him.

The young man knew that there was a vast divide between where he stood and the land of the magicians. He understood that the old magician could not touch him; nonetheless, as he gazed through the mist which parted momentarily, he saw all the familiar landmarks he had left behind. He had no desire to return there, but for a brief moment, he stood affixed, staring. The book people, quickly alerted each other, as they saw the young man, standing at the edge, his knees trembling, and hands hanging limp by his side, the instrument with which he had been working had slipped out of his hand.

The book people, who were working nearest to the young man, dropped all they were doing and ran to him, as if to a raging fire.

A white sheet descended divinely into the midst of the book people. They took hold of it and quickly wrapped the young man in it and stood around him praying.

Immediately, the young man stopped trembling and bowed his head in silent prayer and wept.  He dropped to his knees and began praising God, that he had safely escaped the land of the magicians; he had never wanted to go back there again.

These book people loved the Lord. They were not a careless or negligent people. They moved prayerfully, worked diligently, helped and gave wholeheartedly. If any among them suffered, they would rush to pray, to comfort, and to stand with those in need. All would contribute so that the work did not stop. They were a people who shunned artificiality and flattery. They had a genuine love and concern for their fellow-workers.

In a flash I was shown many leaving the land of the magicians. Every departee felt alone. They were unaware that there were others like them, heading out from this metropolis of shallowness.

These departees loved the Lord and obeyed Him. They had undergone times of great loneliness in this vast city. As they walked away from the glitter and sham, these God lovers  knew not where the Lord would lead them. They trusted the Lord and knew that all God’s plans for their lives were good. They desired with all of their being, to follow the Lord. Living in the land of magicians had made them wonder if there were any in that city who even knew what true discipleship meant.

They were surrounded by superficiality. Their hearts longed to be amongst those who truly loved the Lord and walked in His ways.

Soon the time would come when to their great surprise and joy, they would meet and live and work and fellowship with and amongst those who were true followers of Christ.

This was the time for those departing from the land of the magicians to meet and work and be with the true disciples of Christ.

Psalm 133

133 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments;

As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.



Swarna Jha




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