Vision: The Beach


Vision: The Beach

2nd April 2015 

I saw a vast beach with white sandy shores and a still blue sea. All along this beach, which stretched for miles, lay sun-bathers, some alone, others in twos or threes. 

The waters were motionless and there was barely a breeze blowing. Nonetheless,  despite the sunny blue skies, the temperatures were thus far bearable.

These persons, who lay on the beach, seemed to have been there for a long time.

They were idlers.

Lazy to the core, they did not even answer their own phone, or swat the fly that sat on their ankle.

They would shout out to passers-by making the now all-too-familiar requests from strangers:

“Hey, could somebody answer that call and tell them I’m busy?”

“Please could you swat that fly that is so annoying me?”

“Hey, my back’s all sun burnt, what do I do now?”

If the passer-by answered, “ Your back is all burnt, all you need to do is turn, and tan the other side..”, the idlers would quickly shout back, “ Hey could you help me ….”

If  any passers-by said, “ Do it yourself!”

The idlers would give their standard response, “ya, that’s an idea ……will do…….. tomorrow maybe ?”

They were procrastinators.

These idlers and procrastinators did nothing for themselves. Once the passers-by became familiar with the lazy ways of these idlers and their frivolous demands, they walked as far away from them as was possible.

It did not stop the scroungers from continuing to call for help.

“Could someone reach in my bag and hand me a towel?”

“Could someone carry me to the sea, and hold me while I  swim, and carry me back?”

Come-on you guys, the sea is barely a foot or so away from my big toe. Why are you walking away so fast? Has the world lost it’s compassion?”

These layabouts hated responsibility and had shirked from doing any kind of work. Sloppily attired they lay where they lay and continued to moan and groan and speak into the air, and make ludicrous demands and put off to the morrow all that they ought to have done that day.

Such idlers and procrastinators were lazing around on beaches all around the world. All the seashores looked similarly still.  While others went to work, these layabouts idled their time away on the white sands. They shirked from duties, shirked from responsibilities, shirked from life.

But suddenly……….

World over, all at the same time, from right beside where these idlers lay, shot up, what at first looked like an large orange hose.

But it  was not a hose, it was a fire that rose heaven-ward. A stormy wind shook everything in it’s path and the still waves were now violently tossing and turning. Nothing in the environment was immune to the sudden change. Shocked and utterly shaken by this extraordinary sight, the idlers immediately stood to their feet. No sooner had they done that that the sandy spot they had laid on for so long, exploded with a devastating sound such as none in the vicinity had ever heard before.

Out of the explosion, from deep within hidden places came forth a fountain of bibles.

The flood of bibles now stood in neat tall piles like pillars. The wind moved the sand, the waters, the people, but the bibles stood in their place, untouched by the adverse weather conditions.

All this happened quickly. The idlers were trembling, shaking, falling prostrate, rising up, weeping, kneeling, crying aloud, repenting; piercing shrieks filled the air.  These layabouts were crying out to God for mercy.

The air was filled with heart-rending cries. As they wiped their tears, they reached for their bags that had remained untouched for a long time. They pulled out clothing that had remained inside, rolled away in a corner.

They dressed themselves and pulled out from under the sand, the large bags which had contained the bibles.

They had buried these a long time ago.

Tears streamed down their faces as they recalled the past and how they had been planning to head for the harbor to arrange for the distribution of bibles world-wide, when en route, this beach caught their eye. As they had stood gazing longingly at the sandy shores, suddenly the bible bags they were wheeling, seemed heavier.  They decided to bury the bibles and thought they could always obey God later at a more convenient time.

The beach had looked so inviting. They had deluded themselves into believing they were living their dream.

They called that a life of leisure.

Now a dark cloud had blanketed the entire length of all such beaches world over.

As these awakened ones made their way to the main road, they met a friendly fisherman who inquired as to what they were carrying in those bags and where they were headed.

“These are bibles, and we will be delivering them to such and such lands.” replied one of them.

The fisherman looked astonished, “But you could lose your lives, those nations have volatile and despotic governments.”

The awakened ones smiled and nodded. Looking to the bags full of bibles, and then at the beach behind them the eldest among them  said, “We would rather be distributing these bibles in those countries and lose our lives there, than be lying idle here on that beach wasting away our precious lives.”


Psalm 119:72

72 The law of thy mouth is better unto me than thousands of gold and silver.



Swarna Jha




One response to “Vision: The Beach


    15 JUN 2015
    A Call To Prayer

    While driving home from a trip to California to see a client, 06/15/2015, I saw a vision. In the vision I did not see faces of the individuals involved but I did see the arms and hands. I noticed that the arms were covered in what would be best described as the sleeve of a robe worn by judges, in fact, I sensed that I was hearing the word, judicial”, in the vision. At the end of the sleeves I saw a white cuff of sorts. I saw a A Bible on a table in the vision. Then I saw the hands of many judges holding a knife This indicates to me that they were united in their judgment in what they were about to do. Finally I saw them plunge the knife into the Bible itself.

    The Word of God cannot be killed as we know. However, laws can be made that punish those that would follow God’s Word and His laws and decrees. The following scripture came to mind as I was posting this entry in my blog.

    20 Shall the throne of iniquity, which devises evil by law, Have fellowship with You? (NKJV Strong’s Bible) Psalms 94:20

    We need to be praying for local, state, and federal judges who can choose to devise evil by framing it in a law as the above scripture from Psalms says.

    10 JUN 2015
    Do You See?

    As I was driving home from a business trip 06/10/2015 a vision was shown to me. In the vision I saw people wearing sunglasses. The sunglasses were very thick and they were as dark as what a welder’s mask would be. There were many who were wearing these sunglasses. These people who were wearing the sunglasses were walking around with an open Bible in their hands and they were using a walking cane, such as a blind person would use, to navigate where they were going.

    Several things stand out here.

    First and foremost sunglasses are something one wears by choice. 8n this vision I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like what these people were wearing. It was like they chose not to see. I remember that the sun was also shining brightly in my vision.

    Secondly these people needed a blind person’s walking cane in order to get around even though they could see perfectly well, they chose to use the cane of a blind person to get around because they chose to wear these sunglasses.

    Finally I mentioned that they were holding the Bible while walking with a waking cane. David says in Psalms that God’s word was a lamp unto his feet and a light unto his path. Jesus said that Thy (His Father) is truth.

    So these people chose to be blind to the truth of God’s word even though it was in their hands and to stumble around blindly in broad daylight.

    09 JUN 2015
    Ravenous Wolves

    I had a night vision 06/08/2015

    just before going to bed. In the vision I was holding onto a bible. In front of me were pastors. Some in robes, some in suits from what I recall. I was holding the bible to my chest tightly in the vision. I remember the pastors heads go from the heads of humans to that of wolves. They then began attacking me viciously and tried to get the bible out of my hands. I remember them clawing at it but I held on to the bible.

    When I first became a follower of Jesus the thought would have never have entered my mind that the very men who were supposed to defend and uphold the truth of God’s word were one day going to try to rip it out of people’s hands.

    I am posting below dreams that the Lord has given me for the past 3 years concerning deception. The more something is repeated, especially as it applies to scripture, the more important it is. The reason I post the dreams concerning deception below is because I believe that they are warnings to us all to be alert .The vision above is a full frontal assault on the Word of God itself and those who hold onto it because those that do are a threat to those who suppress the truth.The ones below are deception as well and it would behoove all of us to study and meditate and memorize the Word of God.What comes to mind is Paul’s speech at Ephesus.

    Act 20:26-30
    (26) Therefore I testify to you this day that I am innocent of the blood of all men.
    (27) For I have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God.
    (28) Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood.
    (29) For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock.
    (30) Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after themselves.

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