VISION: AQUARIUMS AND AVIARIES                                       

17th March 2015

I saw this vision 14th March 2015.

World over, large palatial homes along the coast, had been converted to aquariums.

Some among them had even constructed aviaries in their gardens.

The aquariums were filled with a rare breed of fish and the aviaries were occupied by a rare breed of young eagles.

The home owners had kept only a small living space for themselves; the rest of their palatial mansions were filled with these rare fish that were now growing rapidly. Those who additionally kept aviaries found that the young eagles were rapidly lacking spaces to fly.

All the home owners had spent vast resources on maintaining these rare fish and birds, with the aim of protecting them from their natural hostile environment.

These men and women believed that they were living sacrificially. They were convinced they were shielding these rare creatures from ever facing the grave dangers that their breeds faced in their natural environment.

These well-meaning folk were convinced that they were misunderstood by all around them.

Twice they had received warnings to release the fish and the birds so they could go live in their natural habitat.  The home owners had ignored these warnings. They believed they were the only ones in the world who had the burden to protect these rare breeds.

This day, as they stood, looking out of their windows, from their pokey little rooms, to which their living accommodation had been reduced in order to accommodate the rare breeds, they heard a third warning. But as they had done twice before, they paid no heed.

Now as they stood pondering over the building plans they had prepared to extend the aquariums /and aviaries a sudden storm smashed into the aviaries and the rare birds flew away. Before the home-owners could react, to their horror, they saw a tsunami heading their way and it swept them many nautical miles away from the shores.

They looked up and saw the majestic birds which they had kept trapped, swiftly fly away. The fish swam speedily to their natural habitats, they were not afraid of the hostile environment that awaited them.

The well-meaning folk, wept as neither the fish nor the eagles had even glanced their way; they received no gratitude or even a final good-bye. All the protection they had built for the fish and the birds was now floating past them.

Looking heaven-ward, they cried out to the Lord, “What did we get for all our sacrificial efforts?”

‘You got three warnings,” they whispered to themselves, as they suddenly realized their own foolishness.

Heads bowed, they prayed. They were so immersed in prayer that they were startled by the sounds around them.

When these home-owners turned they saw a man sitting in a small boat.

There were as many small boats as home-owners floating in the sea.

The air was filled with thanksgiving and praise, “Jesus Christ, King of Kings Lord of Lords,” they shouted, as they rowed past the debris and headed home.

World over, in families, Christian groups,  even in the business world, valuable resources were being expended for creating unnatural surroundings, to ‘protect’ that which was meant to be left in it’s own natural environment.

Well-meaning Christians were spending big money in protectively holding on to extremely talented leaders with rare gifts, who they knew did not belong with them, but actually had a call to the mission fields. These good folk did not want such gifted leaders to suffer in far-flung lands, so they were wasting resources on creating posts and structures to confine such rare talent.

The business world, were utilizing vast resources on retaining at the headquarters, the rare talent that actually belonged and would thrive in the hostile arena of overseas markets.

Within the vision, I understood that warnings have already been sent out to the well-meaning folk that those with such rare gifts should not be interfered with. But the well-meaning Christian folk and captains of industry, as seen in this vision, continue to spend needlessly on creating an infrastructure to contain that which should be left to it’s natural environment. They need to heed the warnings. They are to use their vast resources to facilitate and not hinder those with such rare gifts and qualities; to enable them to be sent back to/ remain in environments for which they were so extraordinarily equipped to thrive in. Such do not need protective covering, they need release.



Swarna Jha



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