7th March 2015

This vision was seen on the 4th of March 2015.

I saw what looked like muddy roots, on the banks of the River.

As these roots speedily imbibed the water from the River, they grew and turned white. Then I saw what looked like another set of roots and they too absorbed the River water and grew and turned white. Then appeared what looked like two colossal tree trunks, but I could not see the top of the trees.

Suddenly I understood what had been unfolding before my eyes.

The pair of white roots were actually giant sized eagle’s talons, the tree trunks were the eagle’s legs, and now I saw the whole body of the giant 50 feet tall eagle. This magnificent bird was filled to the overflowing with water.

In this way, many giant eagles grew at the banks of the River and when they were filled to the overflowing they flew to water those the Lord had directed them to.

Some flew solo to very small groups; others flew in teams to large communities.

Wherever these giant eagles went, they not only watered those they were sent to, but they also gave the people detailed directions to the River.

The water eagles themselves had very clear instructions from the Lord,  that they were to water  those to whom they were sent, and they were not to loiter, linger nor stray, but return immediately to the River to get refilled to the overflowing and await fresh directions.

No matter where the eagles were sent, en route or back, they had to carefully maneuver away from what they commonly knew as the ‘Needy forest’.

One day, as the  water eagles stood silently refilling, from the River, all of them saw a vision-flash of the prohibited woods, and heard the Lord Say, “Go to the ‘Needy forest’.

The banks of the River were occupied by a multitude of eagles. They were immediately filled to the overflowing with water, and obediently flew in the direction of the woods.

Suddenly, they saw that the sky was filled with different groups of giant eagles not all were carrying water, but every group were carrying varied supplies such as the Lord wanted them to deliver.

All these giant eagles had flown to the vicinity of the ‘Needy forest’ in obedience, not knowing why the Lord was sending them there. Only the water eagles had seen a vision-flash, but the other types of giant eagles that carried varied supplies, had all heard the same instruction.

All the giant eagles looked heaven-wards as they encircled the prohibited woods.

As they hovered over the forest, their gaze maintained above, they continued to continually seek the Lord. Now the water eagles were given another vision-flash, whilst the other types of eagles saw nothing; nonetheless, all the giant eagles heard the same instruction, “Help your brethren”.

In obedience to the Lord’s instruction, all the giant eagles now formed a train in the sky, with the water eagles at the head.

As the train slowly descended and encircled the forest, painful cries were heard. Only the water eagles were immediately forewarned in a vision about what exactly lay below. But the others were quickly distressed by the physical sights and sounds below.

The giant eagles carrying varied supplies, were almost in tears as they saw people fainting, falling to the ground crying out:

“ Hungry…..feed me. ”

“Thirsty……..give me water.”

“ Naked ………clothe me.”

“ Sick……give me medicine.”

“Nurse me……..counsel me…….deliver me……..pray for me………wash me…..cleanse me…..get me out of debt……..hungry……..thirsty……..”

And so went the cries.

A closer look revealed that from the outside, the ‘Needy forest’, was covered in trees that were all plastic, but inside, was nothing but vast unending dusty landscapes, absolute barrenness, severe drought, famine, epidemic.

The giant eagles were about to descend and give all their supplies to those who were crying, when they heard a loud warning from the water eagles who had already been shown a vision of the great deception underway, down below.

The water eagles quickly explained to the other eagles that the land beneath was the habitation of the devourers, a land in perpetual famine, a people in perpetual want, so even if all the eagles were at that very moment to share all they had, it would not make an iota of difference. If the water eagles were to pour all their water upon that land, not even a blade of grass would grow there. Not one single person would be helped, for they would continue to be skin and bones.

These wailing skeletons thrived on devouring the supplies of the eagles. Their heart sickening cries had over time, lured many giant eagles to them. Now the bewitched eagles lay languishing; they were giants no more, but had been so drained and depleted that they had shrunk to a fraction of their original size.

The water eagles quickly drew the attention of the giant eagles to their brethren who were genuinely suffering from depletion of all resources.

Supplies were quickly given to their ailing brothers who were immediately resuscitated, and arose to join the eagle-train in the sky. In a flash, these revived ones understood what had transpired. They began to cry as they looked at their  great number in the sky. The tail of the eagle train was filled with puny sized eagles who were lamenting that such a large chunk of their life had been wasted in feeding the devourers.

“We were once giants like you, but now look how we’ve shrunk”, they said to their rescuers, and wept. Then quickly, lifting their eyes heaven-ward they smiled. They were grateful to God for His goodness to them. For a long while, they had erroneously believed that they had been serving the Lord in that ‘Needy forest’. They had thought that all that they had given away was an act of sacrifice on their part and had been hurt that God had not acknowledged all that they had given up for Him. They had cried out to the Lord to answer them. They had pleaded with Him to explain to them why He had not recognized their sacrifice.

As time went by, they became even more drained and weak and confused; not sure anymore about what had happened to them. They had repented, called out to the Lord for help.

And now He had Sent hep in a most spectacular way.

They saw how wrong their old perceptions had been, and how deeply embedded this warped thinking had been. They now fully understood that they had frittered away their God-given all, upon those who were not of God at all, but were insatiable devourers

The ‘Needy forest’, was the land of the devourer, where nothing grew, nothing yielded any fruit or growth. The land and the people were devourers. The Lord had warned all giant eagles not to fly there. But the disobedient had paid no heed, and that act of rebellion had left them depleted, drained and distressed, and deluded, not even knowing or understanding that whilst they thought they were helping the needy, the only truly deprived in that forest and in dire need of help was them.

All those they knew outside the forest, believed that these eagles were out doing the Lord’s work and pouring out their all for Him.

For a brief moment, a multitude of regrets pierced them as arrows, reminding them of their lost years in the cursed forest. But as the shrunken eagles began to praise God, and see and hear all the rejoicing on the sky train, as they tried to grasp the details of their spectacular rescue, they felt engulfed with the love and grace of God and knew that they knew that they knew, that even now, though the devourer had robbed them and drained them,  yet, all around them were signs of God’s love, and sure restoration.

Now all the liberated eagles, waved their wings upwards and felt their chests expanding as they joyfully spoke out loud this Scripture, in unison:

Isaiah 1:19

19 If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:



Swarna Jha



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  1. Reblogged this on Gitardood’s Weblog and commented:
    This has been something Yahuah has been trying to get thru to me for some time- that there are many who drain and one can become like them if one’s allowed them to derail in the guise of “helping” those who don’t want to really be helped

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