The Struggle With Jealousy


By Charles Stanley

Psalm 37:4

      Is it possible to take control of a jealous attitude? Yes, it certainly is! Knowing that God wants His children to be in charge of these emotions, let’s examine some specific things you can do to gain victory.

      First, confess your jealousy. This emotion will always–always–take your eyes off the Lord and fix them on some other person or object. That, at its heart, is idolatry. Whenever you place a higher value on some “thing” than you place on God, you put yourself under judgment. Repent of that sin immediately!

      Second, realize you are in disagreement with God. If He chooses to bring some specific blessing into another person’s life, that is His prerogative. Your jealousy is merely a declaration that you think you deserve the blessing more than the other person. Bring this disagreement honestly before the Lord, and ask Him to restore a godly perspective to your mind.

      Third, thank God for what He’s doing in that person’s life. You may not like this point. But, when you praise God–even if you do not feel like it–you put yourself in a position to receive His blessings by showing that you fully trust His judgment.

      Fourth, ask God to place love in your heart for the other person. So often in Scripture, the word “jealous” is followed by the word “anger.” Do not allow jealousy to stir up malice and hate toward someone else.

      Jealousy can destroy your relationships, your witness, and your own experience of God’s blessings. Ask the Lord to wipe away these unhealthy feelings today.



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