The Golden Gate of Prayer

The Golden Gate of Prayer
By J.R. Miller
Table of Contents
   Chapter 1 – “After this Manner, Pray” – The Golden Gate of Prayer Devotional Studies on the Lord’s Prayer by J. R. Miller, 1900 Introduction The Lord’s Prayer is short–but every …read
   Chapter 2 – Our Father – The words “Our Father” stand here as the golden ‘gate’ of prayer. This is the way we must enter, as we approach God. There is no other entrance. It wa …read
   Chapter 3 – Who is in Heaven – There is wondrous uplift in the thought of the glory of the fatherhood to which we are introduced in Christ. Fatherhood itself means love, tender, str …read
   Chapter 4 – The First Note in Prayer – The order of the petitions of the Lord’s Prayer is not accidental, for it was Jesus who said, “After this manner, pray.” We should notice, therefore, …read
   Chapter 5 – The Hallowed Name – There is great need of the lesson of reverence. Men do not seem aware of God. Even in the holiest places of earth, there appears to be in most of us l …read
   Chapter 6 – May Your Kingdom Come – Already we have learned to keep back the thought of our own needs when we enter the gate of prayer, and to pray first for the hallowing of God’s name. …read
   Chapter 7 – How the Kingdom Comes – The answers to some prayers come at once. Even while we are speaking to God–the thing we ask for is laid in our hands. The answers to other prayers, …read
   Chapter 8 – May Your Will be Done – The will of God is perfect in its beauty and its goodness. It is flawless. It shines with the radiance of heaven. It is warm with divine love and tend …read
   Chapter 9 – As it is in Heaven – God’s will is the real pillar of cloud and fire to lead us through this world’s uncharted wilderness. But how can we know what this will for us is? Th …read
   Chapter 10 – My Will–or God’s Will? – “May Your will be done.” Matthew 6:11 “Not as I will–but as You will.” Matthew 26:39 What is success? What is the true aim in life? What should o …read
   Chapter 11 – Our Daily Bread – “Give us this day our daily bread.” Matthew 6:11 We are half-way through the Lord’s Prayer–and come now to the first request for anything for ours …read
   Chapter 12 – Forgive us our Debts – “Father, forgive us our debts.” Matthew 6:12 In this petition, we come to the first sad note in the Lord’s Prayer. The first three petitions, it ha …read
   Chapter 13 – As we Forgive – A writer says of another, “his heart was as great as the world–but there was no room in it to hold the memory of a wrong.” This is the true ideal for …read
   Chapter 14 – Shrinking from Temptation – Forgiveness of sins does not take us into heaven. We must stay yet longer in this world, because our work here is not finished. We must be tempted aga …read
   Chapter 15 – From the Evil – We may not always be spared from testing. Though we pray “Bring us not into temptation,” our path will ofttimes lead into the field of conflict. To be …read

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