Harry Foster

THIS afternoon I was chatting with a school-master home on furlough from India. In the course of our conversation I mentioned the good news of the conversion to Christ of my friend’s eldest son, which took place last year. When I told him the name, my visitor’s face lit up and he informed me that, although he had never met the young man in question, he was quite familiar with his name. I was interested to know how this could be.

At this point I should explain that years ago my friend was working for the Lord in India, and sent his son to the same Christian School at which my visitor is now teaching. At that time the boy was very rebellious against the Lord and against the school, and he ran away from it. He did not become wayward in a bad sense, but he determined to have nothing to do with the faith of his father and mother. He never went back to the school, and he grew up to manhood still a rebel. Last year, on the other side of the world, the miracle happened, and he came to know Christ as his Saviour.

Now we come to the reason why my visitor knew his name so well. It appears that ever since the escapade, the headmaster of the school had persistently prayed for the boy’s conversion, making his name familiar not only to heaven but also to the members of the school staff. Nothing happened, but he did not stop praying. Ten years of praying — praying for the boy who had run away! Now the prayer has been wonderfully answered. What an encouragement to the faithful headmaster, and to us all! We must never stop praying. [40/ibc]



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