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Will you let Christ have first place in all the circumstances of your life? Will you say to Him: ‘Lord, I will not decide anything any more. I am Thy property; Thy slave’? That is a very searching question but the cross always is very searching! It does not only touch your sin and your self, it touches all that which you consider good. Christ Himself must be everything. Will you also give Him your church, you assembly, your experiences, your blessings, your views on this, that and the other — everything? Will you give Him what He Himself has given you? For He has given all.

Perhaps you say, ‘I cannot give up my view of such and such a truth; I am fully convinced that my view is right’. Very good; then there is no risk in your giving it up to Christ! He knows what is right but it is always just possible that you were mistaken in your view. It is better to let Him take charge. That is the only safe way. He is the way, the truth and the life. He is everything. He — not your view! He — not your assembly! He — not your experience! He — not your baptism! He is everything, absolutely everything! Oh, how He longs to be everything in your life! – Poul Madsen — “The Cross in Colossians


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