The Power of God and the Will of a Mother.



The Power of God and the Will of a Mother by Tamelia Hodges

I don’t know what it is you are going through, but let me tell you about the power of God and the will of a mother..

In 2010, I was homeless, jobless, car-less, pregnant with a child, whose doctors said was going to be defective.




One response to “The Power of God and the Will of a Mother.

  1. Share with you Swarna and sisters these words that came the morning after the fourth blood moon . ” Run your race with might and grace , women stand in a sacred place . Speak my sisters across the land , over the waters take your stand . Abort no more the breath of life , the earth is listening feminine delight . ” Only women can do what the Lord has planned . And from ancient times the things that are not “yet” done . What will be , will take femininity . Men are too respect and protect all females , all . A Great story in the Old Testament about Calab , his daughter Achsah and Othiel . Calab after many years in the wilderness , with Joshua went into the promise land conquering . Calab asked Joshua for the high hills , where Giants ruled . Read the store again slowly and see if you can receive what I’m about to share . Calab is a type , God the Father . Achsah is a type , bride of Christ . Othiel is a type of Jesus . Calab loved his daughter , her voice , her presents and clear direct wants . Calab would not allow any man to marry her . Calab spoke out , who ever defeats these giants will have my daughter in marriage . Othiel ( Jesus ) took the challenge . Jesus Christ pasted every test , died for our sins , died for everything . The Father is preparing a bride for his son . Achsah ( bride ) received her wishes , upper springs heavens and lower springs earth . Achsah , she is strong and pushy for what is right , justice , productive and holy . The earth is the Lords and the fullness their of . It is the Fathers good pleasure to give us the Kingdom . Speak body of Christ ,humble and meek , mystery of femininity . I’m just a man beginning to see what will be .

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