Psalm 126 WAKING UP


Psalm 126    WAKING UP

THE singing pilgrim is in good company, for centuries later the apostle Peter had such a marvellous experience of deliverance from captivity that he could not believe that it was true but thought that he must be dreaming (Acts 12:9).

THE release of Zion was no dream; it was glorious reality. Not just a subjective thrill but an obvious miracle witnessed by surrounding people who perhaps could not share their joy but readily agreed that the Lord had done great things for His people.

THE deliverance was so sudden, so undeserved and so unexpected that it is no wonder that they were surprised. There are times when the Lord seems to take exceptional pleasure in suprising us. It is wonder that inspires glad worship.

WHEN the praise and prayer had died down, the Lord reminded the psalmist that there is always a price to be paid for His deliverances. The hidden prelude to Zion’s release from captivity had been the long travail of Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel. They had sown in tears to make possible the harvest of joy.

SO the pilgrim had a double awakening. He woke to rejoice in what God had done, and then he woke up to appreciate the costly “spade work” which had made it possible. The superficial believer may cry out to God for the reviving work of the “streams in the South”, but he must wake up to the divine principle behind spiritual harvest, namely, that someone must be willing to go out to the heavy and painful task of carrying the seed basket if there is to be a joyful day of reaping.

AS for us, we wake up both to the miracle of Christ’s liberating work of redemption and then we wake to realise how costly it was for Him to bring it about. He sowed in tears that we might reap in joy. Truly our mouth should be filled with laughter and our tongue with singing for the great thing which He has done for us, but while we continue on our pilgrim way singing happily of that, we must not fail to remember with awesome wonder the One who went on His way bearing His cross so that He might sow Himself as the precious seed which brings us eternal life.



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