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W. Y. Fullerton

When the morning stars were singing,
And the world was newly born,
And all life was filled with music,
Music of the morn,
There was One above the splendour,
Who commanded it to be;
And in all the heavenly radiance,
None so fair as He!

When man’s heart was growing weary
And his feet had gone astray,
And his God seemed high in heaven,
Very far away;
Then there came from heaven the Saviour,
To whom shepherds bowed the knee,
And the wise men made their offerings;
None so wise as He!

When my early hope was darkened
By the sin that won the day,
And I stumbled in the shadows,
Groping for the way;
Then His grace and promise beckoned,
And He welcomed even me:
And in all the human story,
None so kind as He!

Ever clear and ever clearer,
Shall His glory yet increase,
And the praises of His people
Never, never cease;
They shall grow into His likeness,
For His beauty they shall see,
And in all the ransomed future,
None so great as He! [20/ibc]


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