Vision: The Walls of Cambodia


Vision: The Walls of Cambodia

16th March 2014

I saw this vision last week.

I saw a dusty compound in Cambodia. Men and women sat in their homes, and were separating grains.

It appeared that the rice, the wheat, and other grains, had become mixed.

The residents complained that thieves came in the night and not only stole their grains but also kicked the pile of grains they had worked so hard to separate.

This on-going cycle of grains being knocked down and mixed together, grains being separated, grains being stolen etc had been going on for a long time.

The local police station was manned by one man, who sat there with his feet crossed on the table all day long. When he received complaints about the grains, he’d sit there, and nod his head but he never investigated the crime.

So these people did nothing else but report a crime and separate grains.

Quite a distance away from this compound was a cluster of neat and tidy homes. The people who lived here were God lovers.

They searched the Scriptures daily.

One passing  by stopped to ask these God lovers as to why they did not help those others with their grain separation.

A God lover explained,” Oh, they don’t need help. The policeman, the people, the grain, it’s all a game to them.

A long time ago we had all been sent grains with specific instructions not to mix them up. Those people love to play games with the grain; they mix it all up at night as if God can’t see, and want the uninformed passer-by to think that they are working diligently.

They have no intention of changing. Naïve folk go and join them. Some see through the game and flee from there. Others enjoy the game and have been with them for years.

Their eyes are dim, so even the grain they separate is mixed, due to poor vision. There are many such as these all over Cambodia. Previously, they had received a message to separate the grains, but now the message to the naive who dwell with them, is that they flee from there. The residents will not change.”

So these God lovers were praying and through the Word of God, helping the immature.

The passer by now turned to look to the other side. He saw another group a distance away; he asked another God lover, “Who are those other people there? Why do they look so sad?”

“That group there wallows in self-pity all day long, and they are spreading this message of self-pity, wherever they go,” explained the God lover.


As I continued to watch, I now noticed a vast body of liquid upon which were floating large cream and brown coloured plastic ships.

I attempted to move forward to get a better look at the liquid. By divine intervention I was pushed right back firmly and strongly. Suddenly, flames licked up the liquid in the blinking of an eye and all the plastic ships went up in flames. I was not allowed to smell this, but I was made to understand within the vision, that the acrid stench of the burning plastic revealed that the interiors of the ships were made of materials containing deadly chemicals.

I saw that the God lovers were grieved by all the mixture and plastic they saw around them.  Everywhere they travelled they preached the truth. They spoke of all that the Lord had shown them. They found that they were spending more time trying to get people who professed to be believers to turn fully to God.

Those who loved to play games and those who loved plastic, continued to live their lives as usual.

The God-lovers cried out in frustration, ” If we are going to spend most of our time, just to get those who call themselves ‘believers’ to not waver but turn fully  to God, how will we have time to evangelize the unbelievers in the  nation? If it’s so hard to convince these immature believers, how will the unbelievers be convinced?”

Suddenly in a flash they were shown every public wall in the nation, on it divinely appeared, this writing –  “LISTEN CAMBODIA”



Swarna Jha



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