An uncircumcised ear

Vol. 4, No. 6, Nov. – Dec. 1975


“BEHOLD, their ear is uncircumcised, and they cannot hearken …” (Jeremiah (6:10.) An uncircumcised ear! With this condition it is impossible to hear. Since circumcision refers to the work of the cross, and the cross means death to natural capacities and functions to make way for the spiritual — then uncircumcised ears must be those which have confidence in their own ability to select right from wrong and good from bad, but in fact only hear and appreciate human wisdom. They are deaf to the voice of the Lord and heavenly logic, to spiritual truth. Uncircumcised ears, presumably, will only accept what comes through certain wavelengths — the wavelengths of ‘reason’ and ‘good sense’.

The circumcised ear would seem to me to be the one which is alert all the time, and tuned to one sound only — the Shepherd’s voice. It does not rule out any source or method of reception, but listens carefully for that sound, wherever it happens to be and whenever it may come.

Hong Kong Diary
Dr. E. Fischbacher [120/ibc]



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