Vision White Eagles and the Strange Land


Vision White Eagles and the Strange Land

11th December 2014

I saw a strange looking land. It was barren. A vast number of people were moving about listlessly. The people were well-built and looked like they had led disciplined lives. Even now, they looked capable of doing great things, but here they were as a people with no direction, they simply wandered about and did not venture out beyond the fifteen feet they had been restricted to.

Five feet away from this restricted area, was a mound of sharp instruments. It belonged to the people. All they had to do was pick up their instruments and get to work. But the people could not get to the mound. They simply moved around listlessly, within the limited space they had been placed in.

The people had been in this strange land for a while, when one day suddenly, the people stopped pacing and stood still. They looked up and to their utter amazement,  they saw a multitude of white eagles descend and cover them like a canopy.

The people now began to glance at their hands and feet and saw that they had been bound. In all the time that they had been in this harsh place, they had not known that their limbs had been tied by ropes that could not be detected in the tricky lighting of the strange land. This had restricted their movements and kept them within the confines of the fifteen feet of space they had repeatedly paced.

The white eagles by forming a canopy over them, had blocked out the strange light, so that these folk could now see clearly. The people used their mouths and first untied their hands and then their feet. They now turned to look at the pile of instruments and fell on their knees, and weeping, they called out to God.

The people remembered what had transpired. Not so long ago, on the instruction of the Lord, after a time of having their instruments sharpened, these folk had been travelling to the work the Lord had Given them to do, when they met a group of nomads who were sitting by the wayside. These wanderers had managed to engage the people in a lengthy conversation.

With persuasive words, and displaying their knowledge of Scripture, the nomads had convinced the people that they had access to special wisdom. The nomads told the people that no matter how they had been instructed by their Lord, or whatever the work God had told them to do, these folk needed to spend more time seeking confirmation from Him. The nomads advised them that they needed to seek God for more in-depth details of the nature of the work they had been divinely called of God to do, how they would be provided for etc., where would the provisions come from, what were they to do in emergencies, the people should know all this  before they could start functioning. These wanderers counseled that the most mystical thing to do now was for the people to ask God some more detailed questions, to wait some more for the answers, pray some more about the matter, be sure some more, seek confirmation from the Lord some more.

The people were convinced. They left the road they had been walking on, and followed the nomads into the desert place. They lay down their instruments and began to obey the instructions the nomads left them there with.
They paced to the left and paced to the right, five steps in this direction, and ten in the other, three steps here, and four there. The wanderers had told them that taking these steps would help them to wait on God and not move away from that strange land until the Lord had answered all the questions, to their satisfaction.

Much time went by but no confirmation came, nor did they receive any answers. The people would try to move towards the instruments but something would pull them back. They did not realize that the nomads had bound them with cords that could not be detected. Though the pile of instruments lay only five feet away, they had always felt a tug, pulling them back, every time they had tried to move towards the pile. They had taken that to be a spiritual sign that their time had not yet come, to pick up their sharpened instruments and go fulfill their function. They thought that God had restricted their movements and confined them to fifteen feet of space. They did not know that they were bound, and that the cords on their wrists and ankles were restricting their movements.

Now free, the people, jumped for joy, gave glory to God, rejoiced, thanked God for His Grace, and ran to pick up their instruments. They understood now, that the Lord had sent them out on a great work, but the nomads had waylaid them with earthly wisdom to stop them from obeying God, stop them from doing God’s work, to stop them from functioning, to stop them from being productive, and to stop them from being useful.

The people picked up their instruments and hastened out of the strange land, for they could now see the road they had earlier walked away from.
“We need to warn our brethren not to be ensnared by earthly wisdom. That the enemy will do anything to trick God’s people and keep them from functioning,” said one of the young men, whilst the others shouted aloud in agreement.

The multitudes of white eagles seeing that the people were now on the right road flew away to their next assignment.

Swarna Jha



2 responses to “Vision White Eagles and the Strange Land

  1. an illustration that faith and obedience, to the revealed direction of God, must be firmly followed, and we should not allow ourselves to be waylaid by “persuasive words of man’s wisdom” because there seems to be no end to people that the enemy can manipulate to deceive us, and hinder us from doing God’s will

  2. Thanks Paul. Yes indeed. The enemy wants to keep us from functioning………..keep us away from faith and obedience to God. The enemy wants dysfunction.

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