Vision: White Eagles and the Instruments

Vision: White Eagles and the Instruments

8th December 2014


I saw the sky filled with white eagles. One group of white eagles held in their beaks, beautifully crafted, gold, silver, and gold and silver scissors, which they dropped to the ground. In this way each group of white eagles brought different types of instruments.

On the ground now, were distinct piles of each type of instruments. One pile contained these exquisitely crafted scissors meant to cut beautiful cloth, another pile contained varied meat cutting knives. Then there  was a mound of varied types of sewing needles, needles for repair work, and other types of needles to work exquisite embroideries. Another pile contained fishing net repair needles, and yet another mound contained rope cutting instruments and metal chain cutters.

Surrounding the place where these instruments were piled up, were vast tracts of lands. I saw various groups of people trudging along doing mundane tasks. Tedium had set in. They had not looked up so they did not see the multitudes of white eagles, but they heard the sounds of the instruments being dropped. Curious about the sound they had heard, they walked towards the mounds that they saw from afar.

Though they were a little curious they did not seem eager or excited. These groups of people encircled these piles and stared blankly at the instruments.

As the various groups continued for a little while, to stand and stare at the piles of these varied instruments, they slowly turned their gaze upwards and were surprised to see the multitudes of white eagles hovering above.

“These instruments are for us!” exclaimed the people. Then, there was sudden silence. They were puzzled.

None of the groups knew which pile of instruments was for them. Nothing looked familiar. Suddenly there was a thud of knees dropping to the ground. They began to pray aloud, shouting out to God for help to know which instruments were for them.

A few in each group arose and laughed, “Don’t you remember, we had prayed for God to send us these very instruments?” One by one, the rest of the groups stood to their feet as they were divinely reminded of prayers they had prayed a long time ago. Each group recognized the instruments they had prayed for.

They leaped up in joy as they realized that they had forgotten their own prayers, but God had not. They praised God for the divine remembrance. Since He had Sent these instruments now, then surely this was the time to be using these instruments.

“Seems like this is the time and season for receiving answers to long forgotten prayers!” said a young man.

An old man who had grown weary from the tedium of the mundane work, threw his walking stick up in the air, picked up an instrument from the pile, and leapt for joy, as he looked up and saw the multitudes of white eagles increase in numbers, and convocations of them head in different directions.

“Yes, and it’s the time and season of the increase of white eagles”, he said.



Swarna Jha



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