A glory, a beauty, and a sweetness


(J. C. Philpot, “The Secret of the Lord” 1844)

How sweet it is to trace the Lord’s hand in providence . . .
to look back on the chequered path that He has led us by;
to see how His hand has been with us for good;
what difficulties He has brought us through;
in what straits He has appeared;
how in things most trying He has wrought deliverance;
and how He has sustained us to the present hour.

How sweet are providential favors when they come
stamped with this inscription, “This is from the Lord!”
How precious every temporal mercy becomes—our
very food, lodging, and clothing!

How sweet is the least thing when it comes down
to us as from God’s hands! A man cannot know the
sweetness of his daily bread until he sees that God
gives it to him—nor the blessedness of any providential
dealing until he can say, “God has done this for me—and
given that to me.” When a man sees the providence of
God stamped on every action of life, it casts
 a glory, a beauty, and a sweetness over every day of his life!



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