A Candlestick of Pure Gold: of Beaten Work” Exodus 25:31

July — August, 1971 Vol. 49, No. 4

A Witness and a Testimony



“WHAT was it that carried this sensitive man (Paul) with his difficult temperament and ailing body through it all? He tells us about this as he tells us about everything else; it was nothing else but the love of Christ. It is doubtful whether Paul made as many converts in his whole ministry as Wesley made in a year or two; certainly the great world took but little notice of him, and Christian [87/88] literature in the centuries which followed, while it could not ignore him, proves that neither the Church of his own day nor that of succeeding generations really understood him.

The Christianity which conquered the world was indeed not Pauline, it was a compromise, and it won the world by incorporating alien elements of which it has not yet rid itself.

But, his posthumous influence has been like the man himself, a volcanic ferment rising every now and again to destroy the shelters in which the organised Church takes refuge, and force her out into deep waters again.

But all this was hidden from him; his ambition was not to found so many churches, much less to turn the world upside down, or make Corinth a place fit for Christians to live in, but simply to ‘share the sufferings of Christ’, that is, so to preach Christ that when he saw Him at last, he might not be too much ashamed.

It is strangely true that the men who have changed this world have been other-worldly men whose hearts were in Heaven.” – Selected.


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