False faith?


by Don Fortner

There is a false faith in which multitudes are confidently resting.

There is a false faith by which multitudes
are deceived and will perish for ever in hell.

false faith may be greatly enlightened and
knowledgeable in gospel truth (Heb. 6:4).
false faith excites the affections (Stony Ground Hearers).
false faith reforms the outward life (The Pharisees).
false faith may speak very well of Christ (The Jews).
A false faith confesses sin (Saul).
A false faith may humble itself in sackcloth and ashes (Ahab).
false faith may repent (Esau – Judas).
false faith may diligently perform religious works
(The Pharisees).
false faith may be very charitable and generous (Ananias).
false faith may tremble at the Word of God (Felix).
false faith may experience much in religion (Heb. 6:1-4).
false faith may enjoy great religious privileges (Lot’s wife).
false faith may preach, perform miracles,
and cast out demons (Matt. 7:23).
A false faith may attain high office in the church (Diotrephes).
false faith may walk with great preachers
(Demas was Paul’s companion).
false faith may be peaceful and carnally secure
(The Five Foolish Virgins).
A false faith may even persevere and hold out until the
day of judgment (Matt. 7:22-23).

If you have the faith of God’s elect, it will bear examination.

If you do not, if you are resting in a false faith, you need to
be awakened so that you may flee to Christ in true faith.



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