15TH March 2014

Around 1995  onwards I had seen this repeated visionflash of Singapore. This went on for years.

I had seen Thomson Road, and other localities in Singapore with no vehicular traffic. Strewn all over the roads were brand new biscuit packets, with very attractive packaging but all were empty. Over a period of time, I saw flashes of Malls/shops selling expensive looking biscuit packets with no biscuits in them.

Now around 1st March 2014 I saw this vision of Singapore.

I saw an eagle sitting in a very dirty place.

Suddenly, as if he heard something, the eagle rose from the filth he had spread his wings out on.

I saw men standing on a high bridge. They looked like military men. They were not wearing their uniform. They had on cream colored shirts and khaki pants.

As the eagle went past, these men who were standing at ease, looked up to see where the eagle was flying to. The stench of this eagle was permeating the atmosphere. The men saw that the eagle was headed toward a water-fall.

After the eagle returned washed and cleansed from the waterfall, I saw that these men looked up and gave the eagle a friendly salute.

I saw that the eagle was carrying a miniature bell, which reminded me of the bells in VISION: Just One Roar Of The Lion


Just One Roar Of the Lion.

I saw Eagles, fitted with miniature bells, the bells were so minute, it was hard to believe that if they rang any could hear. Eagles did not speak, they just carried the bells that were fitted to their beaks. People were to ‘read’ the sounds.

Wheresoever the Eagles flew, to some the ringing of the bells was as a very high, deafening pitch. I was not allowed to hear this high pitch sound, but it was revealed to me, that it was an unbearable / deafening high pitch sound.

But there were others who heard the same bells, which the Eagles had attached to their beaks, and to these the sound transmitted was different. It was sheer music. I heard this. Such people, had their hands lifted high and they were happily sighing and exclaiming, “ Finally!”

Now I was shown people in their bedrooms, they had been dreaming /seeing visions of hearing these miniature bells. The sound of the bells had seemed so real and so near. Suddenly they sat up excited on their beds. To their utter amazement each found a miniature bell on their bed.


I saw a number of eagles in the sky with these miniature bells, and they joined together to form one large bell. I saw that there was no clapper within the bell.

So how would this bell ring, I wondered.

I was shown that whensoever a warning or a message was to be ‘rung’, all the eagles would gather as a bell. Whosever had the message or warning would enter this large bell and become the clapper.

I saw that the eagle who had emerged from the waterfall now became the first to enter this large eagle bell, and as a clapper ring it, to alert the people.

Only eagles who had been given this miniature bell could form the large collective bell, and any one eagle with a message /warning could become the clapper and ring the bell.

I was made to understand that no eagle without a message/or warning could at will go and ring the bell; as the eagles only gathered to form a bell when an important message/ or warning had to be rung. The strange thing is, the eagles could not see each other, yet they invariably gathered together when the set time came.

At the end of the vision, I saw these eagles were encircling the High Court in Singapore. After a time of encircling, I saw that the eagles had formed a large bell above the Court.

Whether people paid heed or not, when there was a message or a warning no eagle hesitated to ring the bell.

Proverbs 15:22

22 Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established.


Swarna Jha


 Vision: Eagles Versus Vultures-The War 2007

·  Vision: Eagles Vultures Eagles 2007



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