Vision: The Snows of Lebanon

Vision: The Snows of Lebanon

11th March 2014

I saw this vision of Lebanon yesterday.

First, I was shown the snow-covered mountains of Lebanon. Then in a flash, I was given a glimpse of all of Lebanon.

No matter where I looked, I saw chopsticks.

The chopsticks were all long, but the colors, materials and quality all varied.

Firstly I was shown many cheap looking chopsticks, followed by the display of upgraded quality of chopsticks. The chopsticks of  superior quality had engravings, embossing, pictures, the glossy off white chopsticks had  drawings in green, depicting the life of upper class Chinese women.

Within the vision, I found it strange, that chopsticks were so common to everyday Lebanese life.

I wondered where these chopsticks had come from.

I was shown the sea. Floating on the surface were thousands of cellophane wrapped chopsticks, drifting toward Lebanon. Though there were thousands of chopsticks floating on the water, they looked few.

It seemed odd that the chopsticks entered this beautiful country in this strange manner, rather than being shipped into Lebanon, like normal freight.

I was now facing Beirut.

I saw that there were two routes into this City from which these chopsticks entered and then they were distributed nationwide.

Those meant for the use of the multitudes came from the right side of the city; whilst the exclusive, expensive gold, platinum, bejeweled designer chopsticks meant for the use of high government officials from the left side.

Were the Lebanese now eating their Middle Eastern food with chopsticks?

I understood that the Lebanese were eating neither Middle Eastern nor Chinese food with these chopsticks.

What exactly then were they eating from those white bowls with chopsticks?

To my utter surprise, I was shown that the Lebanese multitudes and the top government officials were eating snow with their respective chopsticks.

I was made to understand that this change floating/ drifting into Lebanon will affect everyday Lebanese life.  The Lebanese will adapt to the changing times, in a unique way.  Even if the changes drifting/floating in their direction are ill-intended, they will adapt well to it.

In times to come Lebanon will be a sign unto nations.

I saw these chopsticks moving towards islands and nations world over.

The seascape had now changed rapidly.  The chopsticks had grown to the size of logs and multiplied. They would have overturned this particular island, but the wise men there had understood that changes seen in Lebanon were the sign of the times for the world. Those who watched had prepared to pre-empt the overturning.  So before these hundreds of thousands of chopsticks, now the size of gigantic logs could topple their island, their people stepped out into the sea and quickly assembled the log-sized chopsticks and created the largest raft, with it. I saw the islanders use this raft for fishing. So what was meant for their harm, now turned for their good.

On distant shores I saw doctors troubled by the route that these chopsticks were taking whilst heading to their nations. The chopsticks now a normal size, were passing through diseased waters and wheresoever they would land, there would be an epidemic, unless the nations prepared to battle with it at sea before they lashed ashore.

I saw that the chopsticks had been floating normally, in Lebanese waters, but as they made their way past Lebanon, to other islands and nations, they moved at ferocious speed and constantly changed size.  Nations watching were alarmed, and prepared quickly. Nations not watching were overturned or overwhelmed.

Due to the alarming speed at which these chopsticks moved, even though the discerning nations prepared, there was actually very little time in which to execute their plan of defense; it required great expertise to implement it, but the prepared succeeded.

Nations that watched and learnt from the developments in Lebanon prepared themselves quickly and due to expert preparation actually benefited from what was originally meant to harm them .

Those that did not watch, learn and prepare, were either overwhelmed or overturned.


Swarna Jha


3 responses to “Vision: The Snows of Lebanon

  1. Hi Swarna,
    Has the Lord given you further understanding of this vision? I believe I understand the general message, but the symbolism of the chopsticks is beyond me; I have sought the Lord about this vision and I believe He wants me to ask you. I thought the meaning of the names Lebanon and Beirut might help me, alas, no, at least not that I can “see”. Lebanon – white and Beirut – wells. I’d appreciate any insight you may have. God bless you beloved, sherry

  2. HI Swarna,
    Now I see, the chopsticks represent “change”. I missed it. lol This one really is a challenge for me. I will keep seeking the Lord for understanding. Little by little. I know and trust Him to show me what I need to understand. God bless you beloved,

  3. Hi Sherry,
    Yes, it’s best to keep seeking the Lord for understanding.
    Thank you Sherry…May God richly bless you

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