Vision: The Striders

22nd January 2014

Vision: The Striders

I saw this vision around 2012.


I saw a street which had terraced houses on either side of the street. All the houses had a fresh coat of white paint and the outside looked exceptionally clean. I noticed that none of the houses had any potted plants or flowers or anything decorative whatsoever outside.

It was a sunny afternoon. The street was empty. There were neither parked cars, nor any traffic. Not a single inhabitant of the terraced homes ventured out. But the moment a Strider appeared on the street, a door would open and the inhabitant would begin pleading with the passer-by to pray for them.

“See how bright it is outside, but my home is plunged in darkness. Come see the darkness”.

The striders, going up this street, were men and women sent of the Lord, to go to a certain place. They walked alone and could not see the others, but were aware in their hearts that there were many like them.  All had received instructions from the Lord to remain focused and not to give in to any distractions along the way. They had been directed to pray for those who stopped them in their path, but they were not to enter these terraced homes.

The inhabitants came out of their doors and pleaded with each passer-by to come into the house and pray away the darkness. But those instructed of the Lord, refused to enter their homes, but stood where they were and prayed for them.

In the past, led by the Lord, they had entered many homes and prayed away the darkness, but now, in obedience to the Lord’s instructions, they refused to enter these terraced houses, no matter how hard the residents pleaded or tried to appeal to emotions, or their compassion.

Each prayed, obeyed and moved on.

As each walked on, the Lord revealed to them that had they entered the homes, they would have been swallowed in by the darkness and it would have been very difficult to free themselves from it’s clutches. They would have lost precious years of their lives.

Once successfully past these terraced houses, each strider was suddenly confronted by men and women waving signposts:” God is doing a new thing”, “Leave Everything!  Come join the new thing”

In every direction at that crossroad, people were feverishly waving signs, declaring some new thing of God.

All the  striders  stood still for a moment. It all looked so tempting and exciting and plausible. Each bowed their heads and prayed:

“Lord, these people are saying that it’s time for the new things of God, shall I go follow the new thing?”

All these striders heard from the Lord what they were to do.

“Go make complete the incomplete”.

Each strider understood from the Lord, that this was the season when they were to go and finish the unfinished tasks, to go and complete that which they had left incomplete. Many a times in the past, hankering after a ‘new thing’, they had left incomplete the work God Had placed in their hands.

They had repented.

Thereafter God had called them to walk in obedience to a certain place and they had done so.

The striders had reached the place the Lord had instructed them to walk to.

They thought God would now give them new work.

Much to their surprise,  the Lord was instructing them to complete the incomplete, including the work that was left incomplete a long time ago. These striders could not remember what it was they had left unfinished.  Would they have to go back to the past?

No.  The Lord had now brought them to the place where all the unfinished work came to them; they did not have to go searching for it. All they had to do was complete it.

This was the time and season to complete the incomplete, to finish the unfinished, and to conclude the unconcluded.



Swarna Jha


5 responses to “Vision: The Striders

  1. right on! that’s what He’s doing with me now – to complete the incomplete

  2. Reminded of this vision.

  3. striders!

  4. This was the time and season to complete the incomplete, to finish the unfinished, and to conclude the unconcluded.

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