Vision: Eagles And The Untempered Walls

5th August 2009

In the last few days, I had been reminded of a vision I had seen in the early 1990’s. I could not understand why I was being reminded of the old vision.

Now, on the 5th of August 2009, I saw this vision.

Vision: Eagles And The Untempered Walls

I saw a high place. At the peak of this high place was a building. It had no roof, and the walls were untempered.

As I looked around inside the building, it looked like a very large Cafe.

Upon a very large and expensive looking table stood several tall eagles.

Facing them, upon the same table, a distance away, stood a large number of smaller sized eagles. They were listening intently to the tall eagles.

The conversation within the cafe was inane, with periodic outbreaks of “ Cool”, “ That was awesome, man!” Sometimes the tall eagles spoke of ‘revelations’ their predecessors had, and the rest of the time, the tall eagles spewed forth endless ‘prophecies’. The listeners loved the endless stream of ‘prophecies’ that poured forth out of the mouths of the tall eagles. Surely it must be a gift from God, to be able to ‘prophecy endlessly’, thought the customers.

I saw that there was no roof over the building.

I understood within the vision that every time a roof was built, periodically it was blown away. I understood that this was so that the eagles would look above at the open skies, and rise up and fly away.

I saw that rarely did any of these eagles voluntarily glance above at the open skies.

The customers only looked above when the tall eagles pointed out that there were other eagles flying high above in the sky. This was their time to add to their numbers.

Then they’d shout in unison, “ Come and join us.”


All eagles on their way to the Mountain of the Lord, were warned that en route, they would find cafes with untempered walls. They were not to stop there.

But the curious eagles, would drop height and peer into the cafe wondering what was happening within.

Where are you off to?” the customers would invariably ask, beckoning them to join them in the cafe.

We’re off to the Mountain of the Lord”, they’d reply.

Well, c’mon down, you’ve reached your destination! This is the Mountain of the Lord”.

It is?” the curious eagles in the sky would ask.

‘Course it is!” the customers and the tall eagles would reply.

The eagles would descend, and join them, despite warnings from the obedient eagles. Seeing that inspite of the repeated warnings, the curious eagles had willfully chosen to join those in the cafe, the obedient eagles would fly on.

Now the curious eagles would descend, and join in the inane conversations, drink the free-flowing wine, and gradually lose their sight and hearing due to the potent wine and listening to the tall tales of the tall eagles.

Now, at night, these tall eagles would spread their wings and light would burst forth from it.

The customers would shout, “Cool! Awesome man, simply awesome!”

People standing at the foot of this high place, would look up and see the light.

The tall eagles and the drunken customers would shout down, “ C’mon up, to the Mountain of the Lord”.

The people down below would at first, look undecided.

We’ve got a real special wine here, and you can make friends and influence people, we’ll teach you, just c’mon up. We’ll give you a discount on your salvation fees!”

And no heavy bible stuff?” the people would ask.

Hey! We don’t even need to open our bibles”, said the eagle customers, who were all lit up. “Our leaders, these tall eagles know all there is to know about it, so if we have any questions they give us an answer. Bring all you have and come just as you are, and join us.”

And you give us your word that you won’t teach and preach about sin and all that repentance thingy, ’cause that stuff really puts us off”, said the people who stood down below.

Hey guys, which century are you living in? Sin? Repentance? Where did you get these notions from? Here, we only discuss peace and unity”, said the lit up tall eagles.

It’s just that some folks with bibles in their hands talked about sin, repentance salvation and all that jazz,” replied the crowd standing down below.

Oh! That must be dem fundamentalist Christians, they like to quote all that fancy stuff from the bible and confuse folks like you. Since we don’t quote any of that stuff, you’ll be mighty comfortable with us, and no such confusion here, we guarantee that! Just pay your entrance fee, collect your salvation guarantee card, and voila! You’re saved!” promised the tall eagles, “and just one more thing, bring all you’ve got”.

Thanks!” replied the folk down below. “ Oh! And one more thing, we wanna look like you guys, you fellas look real cool. All those lights on your wings, man! That’s awesome, simply awesome! Maybe you guys can fly us to the Mountain of the Lord, on a day trip, ’cause we don’t wanna stay there, just visit it, ……….some folks we once knew flew there. We’ve heard it’s far away from here, is there no shortcut?”

It’s not far away at all!” said a tall eagle, “ This is the shortcut route to the Mountain of the Lord. We have an elevator, that will bring you up in no time at all. There’s a pink card placed on a plate on the altar, in the elevator, just read it, sign it, and place your salvation fees on the plate. Now folks, just you c’mon up here, and sit under our anointing…………..for a quick anointing, our stores are open 24/7 and the anointing oils are sold at very reasonable rates, and our silk and satin mantles are a collectors’ item and they’re being sold at throwaway prices!” said the tall eagles. 

Speaking to the people down below was a regular routine. The conversation was always the same.

Every time, the people would rush to the altar in the elevator and do exactly as instructed.

There was a lot of wine guzzling at such evangelistic meetings. The people were enamored by the ease with which this short cut had brought them to the ‘mountain of the Lord’.

After these newly evangelized customers settled in, they were frequently presented with bills.

You mean we gotta pay?” the people would ask.

Sure, the building needs maintaining, the roof needs replacing constantly. Besides, we the leaders, have provided you with fine wines and profound revelations. We give you our best so we deserve your best.”

Everything the tall eagles did or spoke, all sounded so scripted. Their movements were strange. Their wings opened and closed in rather an odd manner. Those present in this large cafe did not look too closely, as the tall eagles made sure that the customers kept their distance, and did not come too close to them.

The moment the customers entered this cafe, this potent wine was served to them to dull their sight and senses.



When the vision commenced, my gaze would constantly return to these tall eagles.

As I mentioned earlier, in the last few days, I had been reminded of a vision I had seen in the early 1990’s. As I watched these eagles closely, again I was reminded of the eagles I had seen in that vision of the early 1990s. Those eagles which had been fooling the people were not real eagles, but stuffed eagles. As I watched these tall eagles, I understood now that these too were stuffed eagles.


Now I was made to understand that there were men whose occupation was to scout the land looking for dead disobedient eagles. The problem was that none of the dead disobedient eagles had whole bodies. Some part or the other of their body, was missing. The beaks were broken, wings were torn to shreds, eyes were missing, etc..

I noticed that all the dead eagles had a wing missing. The men who scouted the land looking for such dead disobedient eagles, either found them fallen on some barren ground, or buried in graves.

They would take the carcasses to their employer, an expert taxidermist and assist him, in his work.

The taxidermist’s secret workshop had a vast stock of wings and body parts of a multitude of dead disobedient eagles. They also had recordings, books and conversations of these particular dead disobedient eagles.

All these recordings etc were cleverly placed inside the stuffed eagles, and the taxidermist would choose a man or a woman to step inside this stuffed eagle, through a large slit. Then the taxidermist would seal the stuffed eagle.

Who were these men and women that stepped inside these stuffed eagles?

I was made to understand, that these men and women were those who like the group of people mentioned earlier, were looking for a short-cut to the Mountain of the Lord, and had traveled up the elevator. They were those who didn’t want to become eagles, just that they desperately wanted to look like eagles.

The taxidermist was a talent scout, it was he who selected the one who would most suit his devious purposes. Though all volunteered, all were not selected to become ‘tall eagles’. The unselected were given other tasks. 

Now from within the stuffed eagles, these men and women armed with their gadgetry, worked a great trickery, causing the drunk, blind and deaf to believe that they had seen miracles. When the eagle customers lay in a drunken stupor, they would hide little light bulbs on their bodies. So when it was night, they looked lit up.

The eagle customers were told that the anointing the stuffed eagles had imparted to them, made them glow thus.



As I continued to watch all that was transpiring in the cafe:

I saw that the tall eagles did everything to discourage their customers from leaving.

The tall eagles would frighten the customers by saying that curses would fall upon them. That to move from there, and away from their leadership was disobedience to God. The people who’d used the short cut, weren’t interested in leaving anyway, but there was always the ‘danger’ of the eagles flying away through the open roof. The threat of curses worked. For a long time, many eagles were petrified to even think of moving out.

If an eagle customer asked what manner of place this was, the tall eagles would assure them that they were on an exclusive section of the Mountain of the Lord, shut away from the riffraff Christians. That if they listened to the others outside, or mixed with the ‘rifraff Christians’ their anointing would leak. In the cafe environment, their ‘anointing’ was protected.

Outside, I saw that the high place was littered with many such ‘cafes’ run by different stuffed eagles. It looked like a massive slum area.

From time to time, their rooves would be blown, to give the eagles an opportunity to escape. There were no doors or windows in these untempered walls. Just a secret hidden route to the elevator, from where the wall would slide open, and would momentarily reveal them to the people down below. The elevator would be sent down to enable the ‘newly evangelized converts’ to journey up, and join the rest of them in the cafe.

All cafes on the high place looked and functioned in much the same way.


Now a time came, when the sky was filled with eagles flying a safe distance away, circling above this high place. They brought dire warnings from the Lord. They spoke against the cafes, the untempered walls, and exposed the stuffed eagles.

Now it was not as if dire warnings had not come before. At first none of the eagles budged from where they were. In time, as the warnings multiplied, quite a few eagles would fly out from the open roof. But though all left the cafes, not all left the high place, only a few among them did.

I understood that the eagles who flew out of the rooves, were those that loved buildings. They considered themselves builders.



In their distant past, they had actually flown as far as just a little distance away from the foot of the Mountain of the Lord, but were told to leave their man-made building materials behind, as these were not permitted on the Mountain of the Lord.

Now these eagles had such a love for buildings and building materials, they could not be parted from them. They had turned away from the Mountain of the Lord and found the cafes. They had offered their services to the stuffed eagles, telling them they could build buildings with tempered walls. But the stuffed eagles were not interested in buildings with tempered walls. They had thrown the building materials outside the cafe.

Now, on hearing the dire warnings given by the multitude of eagles circling the skies, many eagles who had been residing in the cafes, flew out from the open roof.

Nonetheless, only a few flew away to the Mountain of the Lord. The rest of the eagles picked up their building materials and went to the vacant plots at the edge of this high place.

There they built buildings with tempered walls, and invited other eagles to join them. They shouted out loudly for all the passing eagles to hear, “ We are no more part of the cafes with untempered walls. We are no more deceived by those stuffed eagles. We have built clean buildings, with tempered walls, doors and windows. And we do not serve any potent wine here. And let it be known in all the lands, that our new windows have a view of the Mountain of the Lord!”

Outside these windows, that they boasted of, were dense clouds.

I saw that the rooves of these buildings too, were blown away from time to time.



An old eagle who had built such a building in the high place, often sat at the window sill, looking out, and listening. Those who had left the cafes found that their sight and hearing had improved.

This old eagle had loved constructing buildings all his life.

But now he was wondering.

Though he had now long left the cafes, every door and almost every window he looked through, all he could see was a full or partial view of the cafes outside. They looked like a sprawling slum. Day in and day out, this view vexed him.

He had moved out of one establishment on the high place, and in a burst of outrage, torn down many of the cafes, and exposed the stuffed eagles. But he had never left the high place. Instead he had now built a ‘better establishment,’ a cleaner building with tempered walls, but the fact remained that he was still in a building not approved by the Lord.

These facts vexed him. What should he do? If only the Lord would send him a clear message!

One day, as he sat on the window sill looking out, he saw a large eagle hovering outside.

In his beak was a giant hammer.

The old eagle ran out of the building, “ I’ve got it, I’ve got it, I know what I am to do”.

The old eagle flew up to the large eagle, and took the hammer from his beak.

He shouted to all those who were within, to evacuate.

Have you gone mad?” asked the inmates of the building.

I am flying off to the Mountain of the Lord, without any buildings or building materials, I suggest you all do the same”, replied the old eagle.

With a renewed vigor, the old eagle flew around the now empty building with the hammer and with hard blows, knocked it down to rubble.

Turning to all the eagles who had gathered there, he said, “ I am leaving this hammer the Lord Sent me, for you. Tear down all your inventions that you have built here, and move out of this high place completely. And go to the Mountain of the Lord”.

The old eagle did not look back, he flew away to the place he had in the past hindered himself from flying to, the place he had deep within, always longed and yearned to see and reside in…………The Mountain of the Lord.


Swarna Jha





2 responses to “Vision: Eagles And The Untempered Walls

  1. Swarna , Again the Father has shown you my last six weeks spending time on and off at the Shoshone Indian reservation in the mountains of Idaho camping out in a tent , and going to a pow wow in Post Falls . This vision is also in response ( all of it ) to my fourth reply Randy Maugan August 3rd posting . Articulate , Spelling it out as you do Swarna is a gift from God the Father. Today , I am a new Creature in Christ Jesus , The old has past away . behold all thing have become new . Clyde Jana

  2. Clyde Jana, thanks. Praise God for His gifts.

    Glad to see you here! The Shoshone Indian Reservation sounds interesting. America has much scenic beauty.

    Today , I am a new Creature in Christ Jesus , The old has past away . behold all thing have become new

    Praise God.

    love and blessings

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